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Isabella is a gift from God.  Her parents think so, and so do we!  She is so sweet and chubby.  Her cheeks are huge and squeezable. Her tiny hands are always trying to find something shiny to play with.  When we photograph a family portrait we look for the story and the visual details of the moment.  This little blessing gave us both.  Andrea and Rob are great parents who cherish each moment with their little princess Isabella.  Children photographers have a unique challenge - we can not ask the baby to pose, so we have to be creative on getting good child portraits.  All in a days work.  But, with a delightful little girl, it is a joy!  Isabella seemed to be quite curious as to what was going on during the baby dedication.  All the lights and laughing.  She was an angel the whole time. No fussing or grumpiness whatsoever.  Just glowing with her rolly-poly goodness!
Thanks for sharing her adorable smile with us all!

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