Indian Wedding Photography - Miami

You may remember our lovely bride Sadia from her Indian wedding at the Tree Top ballroom in Miami, Florida.  She was a simply stunning bride.  Well, a French cosmetics company,  Terre d'Oc,  wanted her face to represent their products.  We are thrilled to be a part of this



Family Photography Studios Coral Springs Parkland

Family photography is always fun.  Maternity photography is something really sweet.  Dog photography is a blast! doing all three at the same time - priceless.  Evora wanted to capture some memories of her pregnancy to share with their future child.  She asked us to come and document the last few weeks of her time before delivery.  They have a beautiful, well trained dog who was a delight to work with. He was completely trained and made for quite a puppy paparazzi! he simply loved being in front of the camera.  if you would like us to photography your family, maternity or pets, feel free to give us a call, or click on the link below.


Wedding Photographers Miami Fort Lauderdale

Behind The Scenes Wedding Photography. 
Here is a rare glimpse of what goes on behind the pretty pictures you see from a wedding.   These photos were captured by our good friend Marie while we were shooting Mike and Sherree's wedding.  

The top images show how we encourge brides and grooms to look their best, while I shoot from a ladder about 20 feet away.  Monica or an assistant will help with a few pointers about posing. The bride and groom portrait sessions usually last about 30 minutes. This is the only time which we actually pose a couple. Some individuals feel uncomfortable with being “posed” however, this is where we often get the best images of the bride and groom. These always become the centerpieces of wedding albums, enlargements and thank you cards of our clients.  Actually, this is something we do uniquely different. Our group shots of family and friends as well as the bride and groom portrait sessions are always filled with laughter, jokes and hilarious antics. We specialize in making sure the bride and groom, as well as their guests, are comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.  It can be quite a challenge to handle a camera, pose people,  think creatively, work with assistants and be entertaining at the same time!  However, it is a part of the job I truly enjoy. When all these elements come together to form images which couples cherish for decades to come its a genuinely rewarding feeling.  it's quite common for brides to call us after they've seen their images and be teary-eyed because of the photographs our team has taken.  It is a responsibility and privilege we take quite seriously.  There is only one time to get these images taken and we have to get it right the first time. No excuses. 

Hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes sneak peek into part of the craziness and chaos that is wedding photography in Miami Fort lauderdale.
Have a great day,
 - Curtis and the Copeland Photography team


Children's Photography - Miami Fort Lauderdale

It was a joy to spend time with these boys. They are a blessing.  There is a deep peace in my heart when I hear them laugh.  Their smiles inspire me to encapsulate their youthfulness as brightly as the sparkles in their eyes.  
These photos are like most of our children's photography sessions - a moment captured in time to be treasured in the future.   All too soon these little ones will be driving their own cars and eventually be married with kids of their own. 
These are a snapshot of their innocence.  A glimpse into who they are now, and will be in the future.  Many years from now, looking back to these images will spark a string of stories, laughter and tears.  That is what photography should do.  Make us remember.


Monica's Maternity Photography Fort Lauderdale

Well, guess what?  This maternity photography session is with my wonderful and beutiful wife, Monica!  Yes, as the Bible says, we are "with child".  Monica is already an amazing mom.  She eats well, stays active and never complains.  She is reading books and trying to exercise to be sure she is in shape for the delivery.  She has had many long conversations with friends and family who have been down the pregnancy road before seeking experienced answers.  Needless to say, our parents are thrilled.  They were so happy for us.  We just got back from visiting them in Oklahoma City.  They really love Monica.  They told me she was their favorite.  I think they still like me.....?  Dad said they want her to come back soon, and I could come also.....?

Of course, we told our families right after we discovered our little treasure.  At first, we didn't tell everyone.  We thought it best to wait for the first 3 months to be sure everything was going well and adjust to this ourselves.  Gradually, we have been telling others.  Now, we share it with all our friends. Thank you to all who have been so encouraging and uplifting.  You energize us with your thoughtful support and words of wisdom!

We have begun thinking about all the baby accessories we will need. as well as an ever increasing "to-do" list.  It is interesting to remember  the "pre-baby" days when we thought we were so busy, and my, how quickly perspectives change. And, of course, this is even before the baby is born.  But, we know it is all worth the chaos and business.

The thought of sharing this gift with Monica is very warming to my heart.  We are praying to find the wisdom and discernment needed to raise a child in today's world.

There are so many things I want to say, but the words fall short of expressing how abundantly blessed and joyful I am.  thanks for taking the time to read this and be a part of our story!

Have a great day!

Curtis, Monica and Baby


Adorable Miss Prissy - Pet Photography Fort Lauderdale

This is the adorable Prissy Pug.  She is an absolute diva.  She has her mom and dad well trained to respond to her every whim.  And why not?  With such an beautiful face like that, who could resist her charms?  Professional pet photography is a wonderful experience.  Pet portraits are genuine, unique and always highlight the littlest of loved ones in our homes.  If you would like to learn more about pet art, call us!
954-881-5025  or, contact us via email.
have a great day!