Monica's Maternity Photography Fort Lauderdale

Well, guess what?  This maternity photography session is with my wonderful and beutiful wife, Monica!  Yes, as the Bible says, we are "with child".  Monica is already an amazing mom.  She eats well, stays active and never complains.  She is reading books and trying to exercise to be sure she is in shape for the delivery.  She has had many long conversations with friends and family who have been down the pregnancy road before seeking experienced answers.  Needless to say, our parents are thrilled.  They were so happy for us.  We just got back from visiting them in Oklahoma City.  They really love Monica.  They told me she was their favorite.  I think they still like me.....?  Dad said they want her to come back soon, and I could come also.....?

Of course, we told our families right after we discovered our little treasure.  At first, we didn't tell everyone.  We thought it best to wait for the first 3 months to be sure everything was going well and adjust to this ourselves.  Gradually, we have been telling others.  Now, we share it with all our friends. Thank you to all who have been so encouraging and uplifting.  You energize us with your thoughtful support and words of wisdom!

We have begun thinking about all the baby accessories we will need. as well as an ever increasing "to-do" list.  It is interesting to remember  the "pre-baby" days when we thought we were so busy, and my, how quickly perspectives change. And, of course, this is even before the baby is born.  But, we know it is all worth the chaos and business.

The thought of sharing this gift with Monica is very warming to my heart.  We are praying to find the wisdom and discernment needed to raise a child in today's world.

There are so many things I want to say, but the words fall short of expressing how abundantly blessed and joyful I am.  thanks for taking the time to read this and be a part of our story!

Have a great day!

Curtis, Monica and Baby



Emmanuel said...

Dear Curtis and Monica,

We are so happy to hear of your wonderful news and see the beautiful pictures of Monica. We are also looking forward to seeing lovely pictures of your child in the very near future!

With Love,

Caroline and Emmanuel

Anonymous said...

Dear Curtis and Monica,

We are so very happy for you both. Monica we know you will be an exceptional mommy and Curtis we know you will be madly in love with this baby! We are just overjoyed for you both. You will continue to be in our prayers. We are just so tickled that Lorena, Vida and Monica are all pregnant at the same time. God is soooo good! Prepare for the best roller coster ride of you lives :)
With love,

Ana Maria, Frank and Clarita

MACMAN said...

Hey Curtis and Monica,

Wow, we are so excited for you both!! Monica looks great in the photos. The countdown has started. Are you ready coach Curtis?

Now that you have blogged about the baby, can I finally tell people you are both having a baby?

Lots of Love,
Mac and Shak
Swimming with Dolphins

Curtis Copeland said...

Thank you all for your kind words!

Emmanuel and Caroline, Monica will still be there at your wedding! She is looking forward to it.

Ana Maria, Frank and Clarita - At least we are all on the roller coaster ride together! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

Mac and Shak - Yes, you can tell people now. The "Top Secret" time is over. Now, it is time to celebrate!

Be blessed,


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Rich said...

Hey Curtis & Monica,

Congratulations! May God's abundant blessings be with you guys. Raising a child in today's fallen world will not easy but I am sure you guys are up for the challenges you have ahead of you.

The pictures are beautiful and I thank you for sharing them with me. Keep in touch with updates as the big day draws closer.

God bless,

Debbie said...

Congratulations! What a blessing!

Curtis Copeland said...

Thank you, Debbie.

- Curtis

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