Indian Wedding Photography - Caroline and Emmanuel

All weddings are beautiful.  Each one has a unique atmosphere.  Some are simply superb.  This belongs in the "breathtaking" category.  From the getting ready, the reception and the group photos, each one was a wonderful combination of colors, characters and cheerfulness. Sometimes, people stress out on their wedding day.  This was a day of peace and celebration.  Caroline and Emmanuel were married in Sanford, North Carolina.  A small, quaint town surrounded by tall, green trees and friendly people.  You may remember them from their engagement photography session.  We do enjoy destination weddings.  The opportunity to shoot in a different community, different cultures and the challenges of flying with thousands of dollars of gear.  It really creates a sense of excitement and adventure.  

About our lovely Bride and Groom, Caroline and Emmanuel, without a doubt, these two are madly, passionately head-over-heels in love with each other.  How can we know?  The way they talk about each other and the joyful mood of the families as they come from around the world to celebrate their nuptials. Emmanuel and Caroline both speak with warm words of encouragement, adoration and respect about each other.  Before they saw each other, they were both talking about how they want the other to enjoy the day and how excited they were to marry their spouse-to-be.  It can be hard to define the subtle nuances of someone's thoughts, but before the wedding when we mentioned how beautiful Caroline looks to Emmanuel, his face lit up with a huge, warm, genuine smile of joy.  He knows he is marrying his soul mate.  He knows she is his destiny.  Quite a humbling sight to see.  What a privilege to be this couple's  photographer.  

Thank you, for letting us share this genuinely special celebration and to see the hearts of two people so authentically in love. 

If you would like to see more of their pictures, register HERE. They will be available in a few days. 

 - Curtis and the Copeland Photography Team  


West Palm Beach Marriott Wedding Reception Justin and Celeste

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Weddings are more than just a ceremony.  They are more than just a party.  Much more than a mere ritual.  It is the joining of two souls, becoming as one, bonded by the power of true love. Monica and I are always touched by the emotions which surface during a wedding day. Parents crying with joy.  Heartfelt toasts in memory of the couple.  Stories are told of how they found their true love. We are not immune to the intimacy and importance of these couples inspirational unions.  Justin and Celeste were such a couple that moved us in our hearts by way of their exuberant love for each other and their family. There was a genuine sense of anticipation by everyone throughout the day's festivities. Big grins, joyful laughter and encouraging words were shared with Justin and Celeste, as well as the other wedding guests. This is why we love our job. We are blessed to be a key part in capturing the memories of the day photographically.

 On an artistic note, this wedding album was very easy to design. The wedding images were so beautiful that they simply seem to flow together on the page. We use Photo Junction to assemble the primary layout and then finish out the backgrounds and details within Photoshop.We highly recommend photo junction for ease of use and short learning curve. Simply watch the beginners tutorial it takes less than 15 to 20 minutes to really grasp the basics. Even better, it's free!    Most of the backgrounds come from the actual wedding. While we are shooting we also keep our eye out for textures and colors that will integrate nicely into a wedding album. In order to really produce a beautiful wedding album it is necessary to shoot on location with the album in mind.  Looking for similar articles, patterns or details as well as thinking like a photojournalist  assists in having the right content to tell a story in a wedding album photography book.

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Curtis and Monica

Baby shower Invitations Fort Lauderdale Miami

• Mommy Monica and Camilla's Baby Shower Invitations • 
Front of Baby Shower Invitation 
Inside Baby Shower Invitation
Back of Baby Shower Invitation
Here is the digital design of Monica's baby shower cards.  She picked the colors and I designed the layout.  Initially, the colors were picked by looking at samples cards for paint at home Depot. It was helpful to see what they looked like on paper as well as in print.  Then we got the matching Photoshop color numbers for the background.  Actually, we ended up using the "Lilac Bouquet" as the main color for the baby's room.  We used one of Monica's first maternity photo shoots as the centerpiece for the invitation.  something simple, and drawing attention to the baby belly.  ;-)  We printed the invitations with Mpix Pro.  We love their card stock, quality of print, ease of use and quick turnaround times.  We will post some delicious photos from the baby shower soon. 
Have a great day,
 - Curtis and the Copeland Photography Team 


Beach Family Portrait Photographers Miami Fort Lauderdale

We spent a lovely afternoon on the beach in Fort Lauderdale taking some relaxed photos for these family portraits.  These children were so alive and full of energy!  We ran and played with them up and down the beach.  I think they were a little wired from all the marshmallows they were eating.  I was jealous because I didn't get any.  :-(  Earlier in the day we had been to Miami and it is a different type of beach. All the Florida coastlaine is majestic and all the beaches are wonderful and beautiful, but each one is unique in it's color and atmosphere.  Taking beach family portraits is always one of the most relaxing shoots we have as portrait photographers in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  There is something in the salty air that makes one feel so tranquil and peaceful.  
Try to make it to our beaches soon. 
Have a great day, 
 - Curtis
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