BiG Cardio - 4 Kids Of South - Florida - Fort Lauderdale - 5K Charity Run

Wow!  It has been a year since our last BiG Cardio event!  My, how time flies!
If you register for notification before the event photos are released to the public, you will receive a free $5.00 print credit and be notified when the pictures are available, sign up HERE. (Limited time offer!)

The photos for BiG Cardio 2010 will be ready in approximately 3-4 weeks from the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.

Have a great day!


Family Portrait Photographers Miami Fort Lauderdale

This is a video from a fellow photographer, Sandy Puc.  She is a fantastic family portrait artist.  Although we didn't create this video, it colorfully and emotionally states what inspires us to capture family portraits.  It helps to clarify the passion and the purpose of our team.
 - Curtis