The Knot Unveils Annual Real Weddings Survey Results

The Knot Unveils Annual Real Weddings Survey Results

Often, brides and grooms are looking to set a budget for their fabulous wedding day, but don’t fully realize the costs of an “average” wedding. Often, sticker shock ensues after making a few calls to reception sites, videographers, florists, DJs and the such.  The Knot has completed an extensive study of 20,000 couples married in 2007 and their financial investment associated with the wedding

A few interesting notes:

$27,882 is the average wedding budget in the US (not including the honeymoon). Including the honeymoon, the average wedding budget in the US is $32,660.

The bulk of the average wedding budget is dedicated to the reception venue ($12,722, or 45%); followed by the reception band ($4,105 on average, or 15%); and photographer ($2,651 on average, or 9.5% of the total average wedding budget).

Destination weddings are more popular: With a destination wedding characterized as “200 or more miles away from where the bride and groom live (including non US locations)” and “at least 80% of guests requiring overnight accommodations” approximately 1 in 10 couples have a destination wedding (8-10%).

Couples spent 8% more on their photographers in 2007 vs. 2006 ($2,651 vs. $2,466).

A mix of traditional and photojournalistic photography is what most (71%) couples desire, while 18% chose to place emphasis on candid photos.

There was a 61% increase in use of digital-only photography at weddings.

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Monica and I Are OFFICIAL!

Well, it is REALLY official! Monica and I are engaged!  It worked out amazingly well.  I asked her manager, Don King (NOT the fight promoter!) if he would call a business meeting for their department.  No one else knew, so they thought it was just a regular business lunch.  But, my surprise was in the works!  I called all of our friends to come be with us.  All of our friends an myself were hiding in a back room.  So, at the beginning of the lunch, all of our friends walked out from our secret location.  When she saw them, she knew then what was going on (she’s a smart girl!).  They stood around her table at the restaurant staring at her and smiling.  Then I came out in a suit and tie with a dozen roses.  I read a note to her I wrote. (It is below this entry).  I just kept looking at the paper, saying to myself “read the paper.  Just read the paper.  Keep reading the paper”.  I knew if I looked in her eyes I would lose it and cry. Then I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She stuck her hand out, eagerly wanting the ring.  I said “Wait - you haven’t said yes”.  So, she yelled “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

I am a very blessed man!  So, now the wedding plans begin!  Our date is June 21st.  More to come!

Many thanks to all of those who left work and busy schedules to be there.  Special thanks to Don King for arranging the lunch meeting AND keeping it secret.  Also, Elizabeth and Andrea Bettio - you guys are awesome!  Thanks for helping set up all the details at the restaurant!  Love you, both!

Also, my good friend and fabulous photographer - Tim Goodchild.  Many, many thanks for the great pictures.  You ROCK!  

You can see his website here:

Also, thanks for the Daily Grill for the food.  It was great tasting!  You can check out the Grill at:

Proverbs 18:22

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and receives favor from the Lord.”

Praise God!


Copeland Photography is on Wed Plan!

Curtis Copeland Photography is a proud WedPlan wedding photographer.

The Dangers of Men Choosing A Wedding Cake! - Professional Wedding Photographers South Florida - Curtis Copeland

These pictures pretty much speak for themsleves.  This is what happens when men are allowed to choose wedding cakes for their weddings.  A cake in the shape of a 4X4 truck?  Shaped like a deer?  I have been a professional wedding photographer for many years and these are a new thing to behold! Also, I grew up in Oklahoma and never saw these...  Guess I lived a sheltered life...  thankfully!  By the way - these are NOT from a wedding we shot.... These come by way of the web. 
Have a great day!