New Years in Colombia! Professional Photographer South Florida- Curtis Copeland

This New Years we went to Cali, Colombia to visit Monica's family.  It started out with a rather unusual twist.  The flight from Miami started well, but about 5 minutes after take off the pilot announced the plane would return to the airport.  Apparently, the airplane behind us reported that we were leaking fuel...  Before and after take off.  So, we landed, the fire truck came out, the technicians came out.  The pilot walked around the plane.  After about 2 hours, they announced all was well and we took off again.  The pilot actually handled it well.  He kept us well informed what was going on.  You know how frustrating it is when your sitting on the plane and not hearing anything.  He did the opposite.  Very professional.  Good job American Airlines!
We landed in Cali, Colombia.  Monica's home town.  She grew up and went to college here (She's a smart girl!).
After customs and waiting for luggage Tia Gloria and Andreita were waiting eagerly for us.  We could see the genuine joy on their faces.  Instantly, I felt a home.  
We drove about 45 minutes to Pablo and Marina's apartment (Monica's parents).  
We were warmly welcomed by her family.  
Even though I may be a professional photographer, since it was a festive event, as well as the first time I had met the rest of Monica's family, I didn't take many pictures.  It would be kind of weird -"Hi!  Nice to meet you... ummmm... now, stand here, smile, place your hands on your hips, turn slightly to the right, turn your hips... " all in English - and they only speak Spanish..  Awkward?!?!?!
Check out the pictures HERE
Here's a couple of photographic collages with Mamita, Danielita, Claudia and my amazingly beautiful wife, Monica!

My Review of SanDisk 8 GB Extreme III Compact Flash Memory Card

A Great Card - Fast and Reliable!

By Curtis from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on 1/14/2009


5out of 5

Pros: Fast, Built Like A Tank, Reliable

Best Uses: Digital Photography

Describe Yourself: Pro Photographer

This is simply a fantastic card. As a professional photographer, I need reliability. I also have a few Extreme IV's - but the speed difference during a download is minimal. SanDisk Extremes have been my choice for years and they have proven to be reliable and well built. Not one corrupted file yet!


Mike and Gisela's Wedding! Wedding Photographer South Florida - Curtis Copeland

This was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen. The flowers and food were fantastic. The ceremony and service were spectacular. The bride was stunningly beautiful. The groom was gallant. But, most of all it was the story of their romance that moved us all to tears. It is best said in their own words. Follow the link below to read the touching story of Mike and Gisela's romance and engagement.
I was not their wedding photographer, but hey, me at a wedding without a camera? I had to try my new Canon 5D Mark II. All of the shots here were indoors with natural light at ISO's from 2000 - to 3200. No flash whatsoever. Very impressive results!
Tracey Ann Jarrett at Photonotions was Mike and Gisela's main photographer. Tracey and her husband, Martin, are truly talented photographers. Hey, Monica and I choose them for our wedding! Below is a link to her site. Check it out. It us fabulous!
As you might know, Mike and Gisela Meyer are world class wedding photographers themslves. Take a peek at Mike's work. It is quite impressive. the link is HERE.
  • The link to Mike and Gisela's engagement story is HERE.
  • The link to their engagement pictures by Tracey is HERE.
  • The link to Tracey and Martin's site is HERE.
  • To see my other pictures click HERE.
Here is a couple of collages from the wedding. Enjoy and be blessed!

Oklahoma Scenics - Professional Photography South Florida - Curtis Copeland

This is a collection of landscape photography from our recent trip to Oklahoma City.  This gave me a chance to brush up on my landscape photography skills.  Initially, this is where I began in photography, photographing scenic images.  Later on is where I learned of my deep passion for portrait photography.  As a portrait photographer, it is always wise to stay challenged in a variety of  photographic experiences.  So, we often shoot things out of the ordinary just to challenge what makes a certain tyoe of photograph work.  This always results in a better understanding of the technical and artistic side of photography.  We hope you will enjoy these images.
Be blessed!
HERE is a link to view all the images.