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What an amazing Sunrise ceremony! Beach Wedding Photographers - Curtis Copeland

WOW! What a wedding! The sun rose as the Bride walked down the aisle - how romantic! The look in Craig’s eyes was touching. You could see the love he has for her. The families were so much fun! What stories they told! Scott did a tremendous job officiating the ceremony, the flowers were beautiful, the food was delicious, everything went right as planned (including the tikki torches!). We really enjoyed being the beach wedding photographers for this special event. Congratulations Craig and Lori on your stunning wedding! Click here to see an overview of the ceremony: Click here to register and see all the pictures when they are available for purchase:

It was a 4 hour drive each way...  and well worth it!  Monica and I drove to the West Coast of Florida for a seminar on a software program called “Light room”.  It’s from the makers of Adobe’s Photoshop.  It is geared specifically for digital photographers to increase their productivity, processes, data securely and increase creative options.  While I attended the workshop, Monica enjoyed a relaxing day at the hotel (in Columbia it is called “paseo”).  Monica helped with the driving back (I took a nap).  We had some sushi (not nearly as good as Sushi Rock in Miami!).  

It was well worth the 8 hours of driving (and Monica made it so enjoyable - your’e the best, mi chiquita linda!)

Already I have changed my workflow and increased my output.  Helping people get better pictures faster!

Here’s the link withthe information about the event:

Here a few links to Adobe’s site about Light room:

Have fun!


Super Curtis!!!

Faster than a 8,000 second shutter! Able to leap tall studio lights with a single bound! Able to compute depth of field while chewing gum!  Look! It's the late 80's disco superstar - Super Curtis!
Check out the full video HERE.
Ok, It looks silly...... and it is....  but it is fun!  You to can be a super hero HERE.
Also a great prank to play on friends - if you have a picture of them on your hard drive...  FYI...

Back To Biloxi! - Photojournalistic Photographer - Curtis Copeland

Our group is off again to Biloxi!

This is the 3rd time we have had the opportunity to visit our sister community.  As usual, we were greeted with warm smiles and open hearts!  These individuals are so kind and generous, even after suffering such tragedy. It is quite humbling.

We worked at rebuilding homes and had an outreach for the community.  There was a Bar-B-Que, face painting for the kids, live music,  and a lot of connecting with the community.

To see the blog about the trip click here:

To see yours truly in an article from a previous visit click here:

Be blessed!


Billy and Michelle - Engagement Photography - Curtis Copeland

What an amazing looking couple!  Billy and Michelle are so much fun!  For the engagement photography shoot went to Las Olas for a while and then to a hotel named "Venezia"!.    We laughed and shared for hours.  We finished with dinner at Chees Cake Factory.  It was great!  Take a look at their pics and you can see what an adorable couple they are!  They are so in love and it shows!
To see more of their pictures click HERE!

Laura and Michael's Party!

My Review of Pocket-Wizard Plus II Auto Sensing Smart Transceiver with a Range of up to 1600 Feet

Originally submitted at Adorama

Pocket-Wizard Plus II Auto Sensing Smart Transceiver with a Range of up to 1600 Feet

Works fantastic!

By Curtis from Ft. Lauderdale on 9/26/2007


5out of 5

Pros: Convenient Interface, Reliable, Lightweight

Cons: None

Best Uses: Photography, Lighting, Portrait

Describe Yourself: Professional

This is a rock solid accessory. No messy sync cables. Worked great with my Canon camera and Elinchrom studio flash set up.


Biloxi Mississippi

Pulculpa and Machu Pichu

Mike and Ana's Engagement Session

What a cute couple!  Full of energy and enthusiasm.  We has a fantastic time at the beach.  Then, we went to "Joe Picasos's" art bar.  It is a coffee house that also has ceramics and mosaics which anyone can made there.   Fun creative time.  
Their wedding is coming up soon!
Be blessed,

Billy Bash '07!!! A Farewell For Now...

WOW!  What and INCREDIBLE weekend!  Fun, food, fellowship, glorious sunsets, tennis, golf, naps, breakfast buffets (thanks girls!)  and MORE!  My sides STILL hurt from laughing so hard.  (Rabbi Schlomo - you are the best!)  Marty can play a serious game of golf AND tennis.  There was some serious late-night piggy-back races (I think Michelle and Billy won with a photo finish).    The beaches were perfect.  Billy, Michelle and I stayed a little extra and visited the Naples zoo.  It was nice and quaint - until Billy was attacked by a giant stuffed spider!  The water was warm, blue and inviting.  The only thing missing was all of our other friends!

Billy Bash '07!!! Let the Games Begin!

We are off to Naples, Florida!  In celebration of Billy Venezia’s birthday we shuttled over to the West Coast of Florida.  Golf, swimming, worship and a tennis tournament (featuring Rabbi Schlomo on the clay courts) are all on the itinerary.  So, we now venture across Alligator Alley to start the party!  WHOO HOO!

Farewell Laurita! We will miss you Chapina!

Last night We had and AWESOME farewell Party for Laura.  We had a Couch “pile on” photo opportunity,

Hello/Goodbye Laurita - we will miss you while you are in Ohio and Spain and Guatemala and......?!?!?!?!

Invisible Children

What great concert concert last night!  Ryan Alexander, Andrew Woodell, Eric Alexander, Freddie and the Group Le’ger rocked the house.  The concert was to support the Invisible Children project.  It is founded to help children in Norther Uganda and the extreme persecution they face on a daily basis.  Boys as young as 6 years old are being kidnapped to fight in a bloody war.  Every day hundreds of these innocent tiny lives are ripped away from their families and homes to face horrendous sights which are unimaginable in our culture.  Take a look at the their website and see for yourself the reality they face.