JCS Events Wedding Convention

Candace and James Sheppard are the core of JCS Wedding and Event planning They are member of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) and the National Association of Wedding Proffesionals (NAWP) and offer the one of the best services in the industry.
Check out their website for more details....

Didi and Pedro- Portrait Photography South Florida - Curtis Copeland

Pedro and Didi are a cute couple.  He has a hilarious sense of humor - and can quote almost any movie line known to man - while doing believable voice impersinations!  She is a , cute, quiet and intellectual girl that works at the Good News of South Florida.  Together they make a great couple!  We headed to Fern Forrest park for an afternoon portrait photography session.... and some great laughs!
Check out their pictures HERE!

Wedding Albums - Wedding Slideshows - Professional Photography South Florida - Curtis Copeland

Here are some samples of our wedding albums.  Just a little taste of what we do post-production after the wedding.  these can take up to 20 hours to make!  It is really a labor of love. 


Weekend_Shots_052, originally uploaded by curtis_copeland.

Here is one of the Still LIfe shots from this weekends photos...

Monica and Curtis - A Picture Retrospective

What can I say about her?  She is PERFECT for me!  I love her more than I thought I could ever love anyone.  She is a woman of character and strength - and she makes me laugh!
Here is a little photo retrospective of our years as friends (8 of them!)
What took me so long?!?!?!