It was a 4 hour drive each way...  and well worth it!  Monica and I drove to the West Coast of Florida for a seminar on a software program called “Light room”.  It’s from the makers of Adobe’s Photoshop.  It is geared specifically for digital photographers to increase their productivity, processes, data securely and increase creative options.  While I attended the workshop, Monica enjoyed a relaxing day at the hotel (in Columbia it is called “paseo”).  Monica helped with the driving back (I took a nap).  We had some sushi (not nearly as good as Sushi Rock in Miami!).  

It was well worth the 8 hours of driving (and Monica made it so enjoyable - your’e the best, mi chiquita linda!)

Already I have changed my workflow and increased my output.  Helping people get better pictures faster!

Here’s the link withthe information about the event:

Here a few links to Adobe’s site about Light room:

Have fun!


Super Curtis!!!

Faster than a 8,000 second shutter! Able to leap tall studio lights with a single bound! Able to compute depth of field while chewing gum!  Look! It's the late 80's disco superstar - Super Curtis!
Check out the full video HERE.
Ok, It looks silly...... and it is....  but it is fun!  You to can be a super hero HERE.
Also a great prank to play on friends - if you have a picture of them on your hard drive...  FYI...

Back To Biloxi! - Photojournalistic Photographer - Curtis Copeland

Our group is off again to Biloxi!

This is the 3rd time we have had the opportunity to visit our sister community.  As usual, we were greeted with warm smiles and open hearts!  These individuals are so kind and generous, even after suffering such tragedy. It is quite humbling.

We worked at rebuilding homes and had an outreach for the community.  There was a Bar-B-Que, face painting for the kids, live music,  and a lot of connecting with the community.

To see the blog about the trip click here:

To see yours truly in an article from a previous visit click here:

Be blessed!


Billy and Michelle - Engagement Photography - Curtis Copeland

What an amazing looking couple!  Billy and Michelle are so much fun!  For the engagement photography shoot went to Las Olas for a while and then to a hotel named "Venezia"!.    We laughed and shared for hours.  We finished with dinner at Chees Cake Factory.  It was great!  Take a look at their pics and you can see what an adorable couple they are!  They are so in love and it shows!
To see more of their pictures click HERE!

Laura and Michael's Party!