It was a 4 hour drive each way...  and well worth it!  Monica and I drove to the West Coast of Florida for a seminar on a software program called “Light room”.  It’s from the makers of Adobe’s Photoshop.  It is geared specifically for digital photographers to increase their productivity, processes, data securely and increase creative options.  While I attended the workshop, Monica enjoyed a relaxing day at the hotel (in Columbia it is called “paseo”).  Monica helped with the driving back (I took a nap).  We had some sushi (not nearly as good as Sushi Rock in Miami!).  

It was well worth the 8 hours of driving (and Monica made it so enjoyable - your’e the best, mi chiquita linda!)

Already I have changed my workflow and increased my output.  Helping people get better pictures faster!

Here’s the link withthe information about the event:

Here a few links to Adobe’s site about Light room:

Have fun!


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