New Years in Colombia! Professional Photographer South Florida- Curtis Copeland

This New Years we went to Cali, Colombia to visit Monica's family.  It started out with a rather unusual twist.  The flight from Miami started well, but about 5 minutes after take off the pilot announced the plane would return to the airport.  Apparently, the airplane behind us reported that we were leaking fuel...  Before and after take off.  So, we landed, the fire truck came out, the technicians came out.  The pilot walked around the plane.  After about 2 hours, they announced all was well and we took off again.  The pilot actually handled it well.  He kept us well informed what was going on.  You know how frustrating it is when your sitting on the plane and not hearing anything.  He did the opposite.  Very professional.  Good job American Airlines!
We landed in Cali, Colombia.  Monica's home town.  She grew up and went to college here (She's a smart girl!).
After customs and waiting for luggage Tia Gloria and Andreita were waiting eagerly for us.  We could see the genuine joy on their faces.  Instantly, I felt a home.  
We drove about 45 minutes to Pablo and Marina's apartment (Monica's parents).  
We were warmly welcomed by her family.  
Even though I may be a professional photographer, since it was a festive event, as well as the first time I had met the rest of Monica's family, I didn't take many pictures.  It would be kind of weird -"Hi!  Nice to meet you... ummmm... now, stand here, smile, place your hands on your hips, turn slightly to the right, turn your hips... " all in English - and they only speak Spanish..  Awkward?!?!?!
Check out the pictures HERE
Here's a couple of photographic collages with Mamita, Danielita, Claudia and my amazingly beautiful wife, Monica!

My Review of SanDisk 8 GB Extreme III Compact Flash Memory Card

A Great Card - Fast and Reliable!

By Curtis from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on 1/14/2009


5out of 5

Pros: Fast, Built Like A Tank, Reliable

Best Uses: Digital Photography

Describe Yourself: Pro Photographer

This is simply a fantastic card. As a professional photographer, I need reliability. I also have a few Extreme IV's - but the speed difference during a download is minimal. SanDisk Extremes have been my choice for years and they have proven to be reliable and well built. Not one corrupted file yet!


Mike and Gisela's Wedding! Wedding Photographer South Florida - Curtis Copeland

This was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen. The flowers and food were fantastic. The ceremony and service were spectacular. The bride was stunningly beautiful. The groom was gallant. But, most of all it was the story of their romance that moved us all to tears. It is best said in their own words. Follow the link below to read the touching story of Mike and Gisela's romance and engagement.
I was not their wedding photographer, but hey, me at a wedding without a camera? I had to try my new Canon 5D Mark II. All of the shots here were indoors with natural light at ISO's from 2000 - to 3200. No flash whatsoever. Very impressive results!
Tracey Ann Jarrett at Photonotions was Mike and Gisela's main photographer. Tracey and her husband, Martin, are truly talented photographers. Hey, Monica and I choose them for our wedding! Below is a link to her site. Check it out. It us fabulous!
As you might know, Mike and Gisela Meyer are world class wedding photographers themslves. Take a peek at Mike's work. It is quite impressive. the link is HERE.
  • The link to Mike and Gisela's engagement story is HERE.
  • The link to their engagement pictures by Tracey is HERE.
  • The link to Tracey and Martin's site is HERE.
  • To see my other pictures click HERE.
Here is a couple of collages from the wedding. Enjoy and be blessed!

Oklahoma Scenics - Professional Photography South Florida - Curtis Copeland

This is a collection of landscape photography from our recent trip to Oklahoma City.  This gave me a chance to brush up on my landscape photography skills.  Initially, this is where I began in photography, photographing scenic images.  Later on is where I learned of my deep passion for portrait photography.  As a portrait photographer, it is always wise to stay challenged in a variety of  photographic experiences.  So, we often shoot things out of the ordinary just to challenge what makes a certain tyoe of photograph work.  This always results in a better understanding of the technical and artistic side of photography.  We hope you will enjoy these images.
Be blessed!
HERE is a link to view all the images.

Chris, Tricia and Lola - Family Portrait Photography Miami Fort Lauderdale

What a lovely little family. The three of them all cozy inside the house on a cold Wichita winter's day. We had a nice short session of photos. At first Lola didn't like the paparazzi, but after we had a little playtime she warmed up to the camera. On cold days such as these, it warms the heart to be a family portrait photographer. Thanks for having us in your home! Curtis

To see more pictures - especially Chris being EXTRA goofy, click HERE!

Visiting Family in Oklahoma City! - Family Portrait Photography

Here are a few pictures from our visit with my parents in Oklahoma City.
We had a wonderful time and ate way too much food!
To see more family photographers pictures click HERE!

Madison's Birthday Party Slideshow! - Children's Photographer - Curtis Copeland

Madison's birthday party was so much fun! The food was really great. Everyone has a fun time - especially Madison! It was a "princess party". There was so much energy from all the kids playing. Being at birthday parties makes being a children's photographer such an great job! Thank you for letting us come to your special birthday party! Copeland Photography - 954-881-5025

Madison's Birthday - Family Portrait Photographer - Curtis Copeland from Curtis Copeland on Vimeo.

Gathering Guide Link

Wedding and Event Planning Resource  

Working on some ENLARGEMENTS!!!!! - Wedding Photographer South Florida

Working on a few miscellaneous peices...
Today I have been updating some client projects for enlargement. It takes a while to prep an image for poster size. We have to go over every inch of an picture to get it right. The smallest of blemishes can stand out when it is blown up to 200% resolution. Can you imagine a small pimple at 200 times life size?!?!?!?! Yikes! Here is a peek at one bride who needed very, very little help! This last January I had the honor of being Christie and Chip's wedding photographer. It was a beautiful ceremony - but brief! The whole event lasted less than 4 hours!
They wanted some enlargements for their house. Here's a glimpse of one.
Be blessed!

The REAL Election Winner!!!!

My candidate won!
His platform was based on "Truthiness".
All hail the chief!

Andrew and Chrissy's Wedding Pictures! Wedding Photographers South Florida - Curtis Copeland

Wow!  What a beautiful wedding and a great couple!  Andrew is a super-intelligent bookworm who leads worship at Calvary Chapel and Chrissy is a teacher and a spunky ball of energy - until 9:00 PM....  They were married in the main sanctuary of Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale.  Pastor Clay Hecocks was presiding.  Judi was the event coordinator extrodinaire'! There were amazingly beautiful flowers and candles everywhere.  A special moment was taken to say "Hi" to Andrews grandparents in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.  They could not make it to the ceremony so it was broadcast on the internet.  We had an absolute blast as their wedding photographers.
Congratulations Andrew and Chrissy!
To see the highlights click HERE! 
To look at all the pictures click HERE!

Madison's Birthday Party! - Children's Photographer South Florida - Curtis Copeland

Madison is a sweet little girl who had a super celebration of her 4th birthday.  Her Dad, Darren, is a gourmet chef who cooked up some fabulous food.  She was quite a treat to shoot,  As you can see, she really loved playing in front of the camera.  Check out the festivities in the pictures HERE!  It is so much fun being a childrens photographer!
Be blessed,

4 Kids Hope For 10,000 More! - Professional Photojournalistic Photographers Ft Lauderdale

This Saturday Monica and I had the privilege of volunteering with the 4 Kids of South Florida "Celebration of Hope" as their professional photographers for the event.  This was an elegant and festive affair, 500 guests celebrated the power of “hope” and thousands of lives changed while dining on delectable cuisine. The program included the compelling story of the foster care crisis in our community and how one person can change a child’s life forever. This was a goal setting event to find homes for 10,000 children in the foster care system in South Florida.  It is a truly tremendous humanitarian effort to positively effect the lives of some of our counties most innocent victims.  


From Their website:

Over the next three years, 10,000 abused, neglected, and abandoned “modern day” orphans will enter the foster care system in South Florida. They need a hand to hold, a bed to sleep in, and someone to love them.


The goal: A home for every child in crisis in South Florida

To view their website click HERE.

Above are some of the images from their stories...


Andrew and Chrissy - Beach Engagement Session Photography South Florida - Curtis Copeland

Andrew and Chrissy are both intelligent, energetic and hilariously funny (Rock the casba!) For our first stop of their engagement photography we went to the beach.  It was a warm, relaxing day.  As I usually do with couples, I suggested they just talk to each other while I shoot.  Always makes for great pictures! They just wrapped themselves in each other while I disappeared into the background.  That is one of the things we focus (careful how you say it!) on here at Copeland Photography - bringing a sense of peace and relaxation to a shoot.  Our second shoot was at an old abandonded house.  The rustic and grungy look was a cool background to this couple's kissing and cuddling. This perky pair is getting wed soon. We can't wait to be there with them!

Star Wars Retold... A Long Time Ago...Or something like that...

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Andreita and Danielita! Family Portrait Photography Ft Lauderdale - Curtis Copeland

What an amazingly beautiful mother and daughter! (Yes, I am biased - it is my sister-in-law and niece, but hey, it is true!) While they were visiting Florida we got a chance to jet around town and take a few pictures. We went to an old abandoned gas station, Las Olas and some other hip places here in the Ft Lauderdale area. They are both so natural in front of the camera! This was such a fun family portrait photography shoot! Click here for the link to their photo gallery!

Fort Lauderdale Portrait Photography

What an unbelievable honeymoon!

What an unbelievable honeymoon!
It is truly hard to place into words how spectacular our honeymoon was.  St. Lucia was magnificent beyond belief.  Our hotel was world class.  The food was five star.  The bride was the most beautiful in the world!
Check out the website to the place we stayed:  This is a very unique and exotic  place.  There are about 30 rooms along the ridge  of a mountain.  Here's the twist: each room only has 3 walls!  The fourth is open up to a breathtaking panoramic view of the jungle, the ocean and the famous twin peaks of St Lucia. Their catch phrase is they have "Views with a room".  The shower is actually open to the trees above.  We had a few visitors with us - lizards, frogs and birds who would occasionally drop in and say "Hi".  If you can ever go there we definately recommend it!  If you like the adventurous and luxurious this is second to none!
You can see more of our honeymoon pictures by clicking HERE!
Pictures from our wedding photographer are coming soon! You can sign up for notification here:
Be blessed!

Curtis and Monica Are Getting Married!

Here are pictures from Monica and myself from over the years.  This is a little retrospective of us.  We were "just friends" for eight years.  Who would have thought it would lead to this?  We laugh so much.  When I am near her, she brings a sense of peace to my heart.  The Bible says it is not good for man to be alone.  How true!  She is the best gift I have ever been given. Today I marry my best friend. I Love you Monica!

Jim and Michelle's Wedding! Beach Wedding Photographers Del Ray Beach - Curtis copeland

Ah, the blessing of being beach wedding photographers! How beautiful and tranquil was the day these two wed. From their first "sneek peek" at each other on the beach it was easy to see the love they have. Starfish and ribbons adorned the beach as the ocean joined in with a peaceful rumble in the back ground. Quite a wonderful experience for us all. Thanks for letting us be a part of this wonderful sea-side wedding celebration! Curtis and the Team @ Copeland Photography

To see more pictures click HERE!

Curtis and the Copeland Photography Team

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