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Working on a few miscellaneous peices...
Today I have been updating some client projects for enlargement. It takes a while to prep an image for poster size. We have to go over every inch of an picture to get it right. The smallest of blemishes can stand out when it is blown up to 200% resolution. Can you imagine a small pimple at 200 times life size?!?!?!?! Yikes! Here is a peek at one bride who needed very, very little help! This last January I had the honor of being Christie and Chip's wedding photographer. It was a beautiful ceremony - but brief! The whole event lasted less than 4 hours!
They wanted some enlargements for their house. Here's a glimpse of one.
Be blessed!

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Melissa said...

Hey Curtis!!! :o) I just added your friend request on my facebook. So I figured with you being a photographer that you surely have a blog..and here it is!! hehe I'll add you to my Photographers link list on my blog...cause obviously were related some how. hehe Well I look forward to checking out your blog & your site and keeping up with it from now on. :o)