Chris, Tricia and Lola - Family Portrait Photography Miami Fort Lauderdale

What a lovely little family. The three of them all cozy inside the house on a cold Wichita winter's day. We had a nice short session of photos. At first Lola didn't like the paparazzi, but after we had a little playtime she warmed up to the camera. On cold days such as these, it warms the heart to be a family portrait photographer. Thanks for having us in your home! Curtis

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Visiting Family in Oklahoma City! - Family Portrait Photography

Here are a few pictures from our visit with my parents in Oklahoma City.
We had a wonderful time and ate way too much food!
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Madison's Birthday Party Slideshow! - Children's Photographer - Curtis Copeland

Madison's birthday party was so much fun! The food was really great. Everyone has a fun time - especially Madison! It was a "princess party". There was so much energy from all the kids playing. Being at birthday parties makes being a children's photographer such an great job! Thank you for letting us come to your special birthday party! Copeland Photography - 954-881-5025

Madison's Birthday - Family Portrait Photographer - Curtis Copeland from Curtis Copeland on Vimeo.

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Working on some ENLARGEMENTS!!!!! - Wedding Photographer South Florida

Working on a few miscellaneous peices...
Today I have been updating some client projects for enlargement. It takes a while to prep an image for poster size. We have to go over every inch of an picture to get it right. The smallest of blemishes can stand out when it is blown up to 200% resolution. Can you imagine a small pimple at 200 times life size?!?!?!?! Yikes! Here is a peek at one bride who needed very, very little help! This last January I had the honor of being Christie and Chip's wedding photographer. It was a beautiful ceremony - but brief! The whole event lasted less than 4 hours!
They wanted some enlargements for their house. Here's a glimpse of one.
Be blessed!

The REAL Election Winner!!!!

My candidate won!
His platform was based on "Truthiness".
All hail the chief!