Billy Bash '07!!! A Farewell For Now...

WOW!  What and INCREDIBLE weekend!  Fun, food, fellowship, glorious sunsets, tennis, golf, naps, breakfast buffets (thanks girls!)  and MORE!  My sides STILL hurt from laughing so hard.  (Rabbi Schlomo - you are the best!)  Marty can play a serious game of golf AND tennis.  There was some serious late-night piggy-back races (I think Michelle and Billy won with a photo finish).    The beaches were perfect.  Billy, Michelle and I stayed a little extra and visited the Naples zoo.  It was nice and quaint - until Billy was attacked by a giant stuffed spider!  The water was warm, blue and inviting.  The only thing missing was all of our other friends!

Billy Bash '07!!! Let the Games Begin!

We are off to Naples, Florida!  In celebration of Billy Venezia’s birthday we shuttled over to the West Coast of Florida.  Golf, swimming, worship and a tennis tournament (featuring Rabbi Schlomo on the clay courts) are all on the itinerary.  So, we now venture across Alligator Alley to start the party!  WHOO HOO!

Farewell Laurita! We will miss you Chapina!

Last night We had and AWESOME farewell Party for Laura.  We had a Couch “pile on” photo opportunity,

Hello/Goodbye Laurita - we will miss you while you are in Ohio and Spain and Guatemala and......?!?!?!?!

Invisible Children

What great concert concert last night!  Ryan Alexander, Andrew Woodell, Eric Alexander, Freddie and the Group Le’ger rocked the house.  The concert was to support the Invisible Children project.  It is founded to help children in Norther Uganda and the extreme persecution they face on a daily basis.  Boys as young as 6 years old are being kidnapped to fight in a bloody war.  Every day hundreds of these innocent tiny lives are ripped away from their families and homes to face horrendous sights which are unimaginable in our culture.  Take a look at the their website and see for yourself the reality they face.