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Rahul and Anjali had a fabulous Indian Engagement in Bal Harbor, North Miami Florida. As typical, it was a multi-day event. Friday was the close family (only about 100 people!) and then Saturday's festivities were a little larger. About 200 close friends came to join in the celebration of this couple's engagement and the world famous Sea View hotel in Bal Harbor, Miami. Indian engagement ceremonies definately take a little different photography skill set than an average western america style wedding. The timing, colors, and lighting are much different. Egagement photography is always a special treat, but these two made it all the more wonderful. Rahul and Anjali were always asking Monica and I how they could help us! They were so cordial, friendly, cheerful and polite. They made us feel right at home. We loved sharing both days festivities with them. Monica and I love Indian food, culture and colors. Makes for a great day of photography!
Here are a few photos from their engagement photography sessions day one, we will post day two soon.
Thank you Rahul and Anjali for letting us share you Indian engagement and for being so friendly and wonderful to us!

Curtis and Monica

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Erin and Richard's Wedding Album Design Boca Raton Renaissance Hotel - Wedding Photographers

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Remember Richard and Erin's wedding? Their wedding album really looks splendid.  They were wed at the Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel. The lush garden provided a spectacular backdrop as they exchanged their wedding vows. The Boca Raton Renaissance Hotel is a luxurious location for a wedding ceremony and wedding reception.  The hotel staff is friendly, professional and always courteous. It is evident that their goal is excellence in customer service.  We see many hotels and this team really does an outstanding job in Boca Raton, Florida!  Richard and Erin’s wedding was top notch.  Everything went as planned and on schedule (unusual for weddings!).  This wonderful couple was so kind and warn to Monica and I (if you are new to the blog, Monica is my wife and we photograph weddings and family portraits together).  The DJ, Scott Evans productions, was really good.  He was keeping the groove going all night long.  The flowers we beautifully arranged and the table center pieces were dazzling. Thank you, Richard and Erin, for letting us be your Boca Raton wedding photographers!
Curtis and Monica

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Just a thought....
Probably the most luxurious place Monica and I have been to is the Ladera resort in St Lucia.  It is famous for only having 3 walls in each room.  One side of each room opens up to view the "twin pitons" and the majestic Atlantic sea.  It is a breath taking sight.  We went there for our honeymoon.  It is listed as one of the top 10 resorts in the world.  What is the most luxurious place you have been to? 

Carlos and Sadia's Indian Wedding Album Design Miami Florida

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We are still talking about Carlos and Sadia's Indian wedding held at Jungle Island at the Treetop Ball room. It was an Exquisite extravaganza of cultures and wedded bliss. We had a few of the Indian wedding album designs on our previous post, but some asked to see all of the designs. The slideshow above shows the 50 designs we made for our fabulous Florida newlyweds. They start off in a western style, but progress into a more eastern feeling and tone. We usually don't design this many spreads, but there were so many amazing photos, we couldn't stop! Design after design kept flowing with these beautiful and bold hues, patterns and textures. Designing an Indian wedding album is a unique challenge. The color palette, design and mood are radically different than the typical Western wedding. This adds even more drama and flair to the presentation. It was truly a joy designing this album! A real chance to do something creative, different and unique.

Sadia and Carlos - Indian Wedding Photography - Wedding Reception - Jungle Island Miami

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Culture.  It is word used to describe many things from people, places, ideas and even foods.  Culture is considered part of our heritage, our past.  It is where we define our values.  It gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.  It is a foundation from which we can grow. Often, cultures collide in our world.  All too often we see differences as barriers and a hindrance to harmony.  However, when two different cultures align, amazing things can happen.  When the best of two worlds are creatively joined, it is a wondrous sight to behold.  Sadia and Carlos are a such couple.  They are both doctors.  He comes from a Cuban background.  Her family is Indian. Together, they are madly in love! It was such a sight to see their colorful wedding day celebration.  Jungle Island held the wedding reception and ceremony.  As always, the team at Jungle Island was tremendously helpful and professional.
Here is a sampling of their indian wedding photography. If you would like to see more sign up here.

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I was adopted as a baby.  Two months old, as a matter of fact. The adoption papers stated my maternal grandparents were American indian - Cherokee to be exact.  However, I didn't grow up in that environment.  I have lived in more than 10 cities in my life. I have worked with literally thousands of people in dozens of places.  So, what does that make me? I often feel like a nomad in this world.  I am sure there is a better destination for me!
What about your culture?  What does that word mean to you?  How has it shaped your life?