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Rahul and Anjali had a fabulous Indian Engagement in Bal Harbor, North Miami Florida. As typical, it was a multi-day event. Friday was the close family (only about 100 people!) and then Saturday's festivities were a little larger. About 200 close friends came to join in the celebration of this couple's engagement and the world famous Sea View hotel in Bal Harbor, Miami. Indian engagement ceremonies definately take a little different photography skill set than an average western america style wedding. The timing, colors, and lighting are much different. Egagement photography is always a special treat, but these two made it all the more wonderful. Rahul and Anjali were always asking Monica and I how they could help us! They were so cordial, friendly, cheerful and polite. They made us feel right at home. We loved sharing both days festivities with them. Monica and I love Indian food, culture and colors. Makes for a great day of photography!
Here are a few photos from their engagement photography sessions day one, we will post day two soon.
Thank you Rahul and Anjali for letting us share you Indian engagement and for being so friendly and wonderful to us!

Curtis and Monica

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album designing services said...

good posts..keep blogging..

Curtis Copeland said...

Thanks for the kind words! We sincerely appreciate the encouragement. As you know, us artistic types need a lot of positive reinforcement. Your work is quite impressive as well. Thanks for stopping by again. Have a great day!


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Rich said...

Well done and nice Colors!

Curtis Copeland said...

Thanks Rich! Your images in black and white with the Leica M, Tri-X 400 are really nice. Very classic photojournalism style.
Thanks for stopping by!



Tamil Home Recipes said...

Very good post.

Curtis Copeland said...

Thanks Tamil Recipes.....

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Onada said...

wow!! I love this! I can't wait to shoot a full blown Indian wedding and you've done it perfectly!

Curtis Copeland said...

Thank you, Onada. Shooting an Indian wedding is truly a uniquely wonderful experience. Thanks for stopping by!


ashley said...

wow,rahul is soooooo good-looking.maybe he should try out any villain role in bollywood ;p keep up the good work mr.curtis (salute)