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Culture.  It is word used to describe many things from people, places, ideas and even foods.  Culture is considered part of our heritage, our past.  It is where we define our values.  It gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.  It is a foundation from which we can grow. Often, cultures collide in our world.  All too often we see differences as barriers and a hindrance to harmony.  However, when two different cultures align, amazing things can happen.  When the best of two worlds are creatively joined, it is a wondrous sight to behold.  Sadia and Carlos are a such couple.  They are both doctors.  He comes from a Cuban background.  Her family is Indian. Together, they are madly in love! It was such a sight to see their colorful wedding day celebration.  Jungle Island held the wedding reception and ceremony.  As always, the team at Jungle Island was tremendously helpful and professional.
Here is a sampling of their indian wedding photography. If you would like to see more sign up here.

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I was adopted as a baby.  Two months old, as a matter of fact. The adoption papers stated my maternal grandparents were American indian - Cherokee to be exact.  However, I didn't grow up in that environment.  I have lived in more than 10 cities in my life. I have worked with literally thousands of people in dozens of places.  So, what does that make me? I often feel like a nomad in this world.  I am sure there is a better destination for me!
What about your culture?  What does that word mean to you?  How has it shaped your life?



Annie Warren said...

Absolutely beautiful images, and I love your clean, simple page designs. They let the images speak for themselves. And the wedding? I'm so jealous I 'm green. I'd LOVE to photograph a wedding like that. Gorgeous!!!

Curtis Copeland said...

Thanks for your kind words Annie! It truly was a beautiful wedding - and they are a genuinely wonderful couple. They were a joy to photograph. Always, pleasant, smiling and joyful. Makes for a great day of photography in Miami! You have some amazing images on your site as well!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Jill Kisel said...

These wedding images are truly stunning, you really captured the emotion and color of their special day, I am sure the couple was just thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Hey Curtis,

It was great to see you and Monica yesterday. I just viewed your blog and saw the video/slideshow you put together. I was amazed. It brought tears to my eyes, truly beautiful. And to think, that all it took was for me to take a chance and call you and here we are. It took a lot of trials for Carlos and I to be together. The different cultures and mostly two different religions. We wanted to be an interfaith (muslim and catholic)couple and wanted to depict that in our ceremony. You brought our vision to light through your photography.
Thanks so much
Sadia and Carlos

Love the slideshow!!!

Curtis Copeland said...


Sadia and Carlos, you words are very touching. I almost cried (hey, I am a guy...)
It was wonderful to see both of you yesterday. What a great party! Caroline and Emmanuel are such an adorable couple. Their engagement photography at Vizcaya in Miami was delightful and full of fabulous photographs! These two look hot on camera! We may have America's next top models.

Carlos and Sadia, what is truly beautiful is the great love story between you two. The power of your love has transcended differences and divisions and come together in harmony, peace and unity. You have respected your cultures and your families by sharing your beliefs and sharing your love with them. Our photos are a pale comparison to the fellowship of family, passion of purpose, steadfastness of faith, and humble honor in which you shared your heart and beliefs with those you love. Quite admirable. We were privileged to be a part of this momentous celebration.

It has been said that only three things will last for ever; faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.

Thanks for sharing your love with us!

Curtis and Monica

matrimony said...

Stunning pictures and adorable wedding. Such an elegant photography. Love it very much. Congrats to the graceful couple.
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Lucy Myraa said...

Absolutely beautiful and stunning images ! Images itself are showing the hidden emotions and are defining or denoting their perfection. This is actually called a perfect Indian wedding photography.

Really captivating images, actually engrossing !