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Who is this guy, Curtis Copeland????

Coming Soon to a Theater near you: "Illegal Railroad Photography". Staring Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Lopez.

Curtis & Monica Copeland

OK, so you have been stalking my blog for a while (I see you on Google analytics!)
But, maybe you don't know much about me.  Here's a little insider information:
  • My name is Curtis Copeland (thus the name of the website www.curtiscopeland.com)
  • I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma (Yes, I know the words to the musical)
  • I am a devout optimist (OK, not really, more of a "realist" with brief moments of complete joy and laughter)
  • I spend way too much time reading blogs of other photographers and Apple computers
  • I do not enjoy sports (Although I will occasionally watch a game)
  • I grew up watching Star Trek (Live long and prosper! See the connection with sports?)
  • Tivo is one of the most amazing things ever invented - I would trade my car for Tivo
  • I am madly in love with my wife, Monica - She was born in Colombia (The country!)
  • My favorite food is Peruvian or Mexican (hard choice... especially with a Colombian wife!)
  • I was almost arrested for taking pictures of railroad tracks - see image above - (they sent my fingerprints through Interpole!)
  • I love 80's music
  • My favorite TV show is "Dirty Jobs" - Mike Rowe is genuinely funny and original.
  • I was a professional musician in my early 20's
  • I really enjoy helping people - have been on several humanitarian projects around the world
  • I have been to: Italy (3 times), Israel, Romania, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, St Lucia, St Thomas, Grand Cayman Island, Bimini, Bahamas, and more.... Want to go to India, China and Australia....  maybe someday.
  • People tell me that I am funny - actually, I am more goofy.  Like the "3 Stooges kind".... True humor is a gift.
  • I have "celiac disease". My body can not process gluten.  This means I can not eat wheat, malt or barley.  Which means no bread, no cake, no beer and no whiskey. (Not that I miss whiskey or beer - but cake!??!?!!) 

Well, that is enough about me for now.  How about you?  What is the most unusual or unique thing about you?  Leave a comment (remember, this is a family friendly site!)

Have a great day!

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