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Vibrance.  Energy.  Enthusiasm.  When people are fully alive it is energizing to be near them.  Somehow they radiate their joy to those who are nearby.  These are a few words that come to mind when thinking about Lauren and Jorge.  This delightful couple were wed June of 2009. Their wedding was simply spectacular. It was held at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. The ceremony was splendid and quite touching. Pastor Bernard King presided over the ceremony. Below are some pages from their wedding album design. As you can see, they are quite an charming couple. The wedding album design flowed together with such ease because they are such a beautiful couple.  Their photogenic personalities made for such a colorful palette of smiles and romance. We love designing wedding albums.  To share two lover's romantic fairy-tale beginnings is an honor, privilege and delight.

Who inspires you? For myself, it is my wife, Monica.  She is the more analytical of us (she works in an accounting office).  I am the more creative (go figure).  But I love how she sees things from a different viewpoint.  It is energizing when we talk about things from different viewpoints, yet we still harmonize and make beautiful music together.  Different perspectives, but still in alignment.  I learn so much from her.  She inspires me.
What about you?  Who are those people who lift you up?  Who energizes you the most?  Who has made a really positive difference in your life?


Gayathri said...

Super wedding album. Loved it. A specific wedding album is a dream for every newly wedded couple. It brings blissful memories of their wedding day. Keep blogging and thanks.

Curtis Copeland said...

Gayathri, What encouraging words! Thank you! We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks for stopping by!