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Peter and Joanna are truly a remarkable couple. They are actively involved at their church and making a difference in their community and are always volunteering to help out in many ways.   This lovely husband and wife were wed at their home church, Calvary Chapel, Fort Lauderdale. Pastor Charlie was the minister for the service.  We were genuinely impressed with the flower arrangements.   The church's restaurant, "The Grill" was the catering service and the food was fabulous.  Their reception was also held on the property.  This makes the day quite a convenient for the bride and groom as well as the guests.  No need to travel between the ceremony location and the wedding reception!  As always, the staff was delightful, professional, smiling and helpful. We really enjoy photographing Calvary Chapel weddings in Fort Lauderdale.

After the reception we went to Fern Forrest Park and shot a few  bride and groom portraits. They look great as a couple. These two are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Peter and Joanna are now actually really good friends of ours and we hang out quite a bit. Becoming friends was an unexpected perk via being their  Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer! Many thanks, Peter and Joanna, not only for letting us be a apart of your wedding day, but also a part of your life.

Here is a presentation of their wedding album design. This is our "classic" style.  Please leave a comment let us know if you like it! Thanks!

What about you?  What is your most favorite wedding memory?  Leave a comment and let us know what wedding event was most special for you.

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Curtis Copeland said...

Peter and Joanna look fabulous in this! Thanks guys for letting us hang out with you!!!!

Curtis and Monica

Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer