Erin and Richard's Wedding Photography - Boca Raton Wedding Photographers

Erin and Richard were joined at the luxurious Renaissance Hotel in Boca Raton Florida. it was a very relaxed celebration. A lot of dancing, laughing and joy. Erin and Richard first met four and 1/2 The years ago. She was a bartender and he was her best customer! He had just moved from Kentucky and liked her halloween costume. Erin said that she respects Richard most for his "stick-to-it-ness". He has a strong resolve and knows what he wants. But also he is nurturing and has lots of love in his heart. Richard loves Erin's free going nature. She's always upbeat. Fun to be around. And she took interest in him and he liked that. Although they broke up for two long months a few years ago, when they got back together they knew for sure that they were supposed to be together forever. Richard loves video games it is his career - literally! These two are real down to earth people. They love to take a little road trips together. Trips to Key West, Gatlinburg, Orlando and especially to the beach. Take a look at their Bride and Groom wedding photography portrait session. It is awesome! You can see their images here at Pictage. They make such a great couple! Monica and I had a really great time with your friends, your family and you!. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day Richard and Erin. Curtis and Monica


Michael Mesa said...

nice job... love your work

MorganJoy Photography said...

I am a photographer in Mobile Alabama. I havent ventured into using textures. After seeing the picture above of the dress with the quotes from song of solomon WOW.. inspires me..
Thanks for sharing!!
Morgan Rhodes

nicholasjcoleman said...

Great work on the text overlaying the image... I've been toying with that idea for some of the albums I work on for Dave Cross Photography.

Are you using actions, or doing it all manually?

Curtis Copeland said...

Thanks for the kind words! We do the word overlays manually. 3 different backgrounds and 2 main "quotes". These are from "Song of Solomon" - the romance book in the Bible. By the way 0 Dave's sight looks great! You guys do a terrific job with your wedding photography! Stop by anytime and say "hi". Thanks again, and have a great day!