Bello Medellin Colombia Day 2

Today started with a healthy South American breakfast. Eggs cheese and an arepa. Yummy! After hastily eating our delicious morning food, we quickly hopped on the bus to our next location. We spent some time at a battalion army base. These young men were very open, and inquisitive about spiritual things. These brave young men deserve so much more respect and honor than they often get. Colombia is a diplomatic partner with United States and these valiant soldiers play an important part in keeping America secure. Thank you for serving your country and ours. Our team performed multiple dramas. Additionally, we sat down and spoke with most of the young men for quite a while. We are thankful their superior officers allowed us this time. We hope we may have encouraged them in some small way. Afterwards we took a little sightseeing trip into Medellin. our team went on the Metro cable which is a sky lift to the highest point in the city. There was a paradoxical contrast as we passed over urban poverty yet been beautiful mountain and skyline created an inspirational backdrop. As we look down on the city we saw the decay and dirt of despair, but looking towards the mountains we saw the beauty of God's creation. This illustrates how God is always speaking to us even in the midst of our daily lives. Later in the day we went to a youth group and presented another drama. They were so full of energy and vitality. William and his son also joined us. We visited several other schools that they. Too many to note, but so many cheerful bright smiling faces. For a professional photographer, these make for amazing photographic opportunities! That evening we went to a lookout over the city. We all had local delicacies for dinner and reflected on what we had seen. Several of us took photographs with the city lights in the background. Back to the hotel for a few hours sleep! Location: Bello - Medellín, Colombia