What an unbelievable honeymoon!

What an unbelievable honeymoon!
It is truly hard to place into words how spectacular our honeymoon was.  St. Lucia was magnificent beyond belief.  Our hotel was world class.  The food was five star.  The bride was the most beautiful in the world!
Check out the website to the place we stayed: Ladera.com.  This is a very unique and exotic  place.  There are about 30 rooms along the ridge  of a mountain.  Here's the twist: each room only has 3 walls!  The fourth is open up to a breathtaking panoramic view of the jungle, the ocean and the famous twin peaks of St Lucia. Their catch phrase is they have "Views with a room".  The shower is actually open to the trees above.  We had a few visitors with us - lizards, frogs and birds who would occasionally drop in and say "Hi".  If you can ever go there we definately recommend it!  If you like the adventurous and luxurious this is second to none!
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