Beach Family Portrait Photographers Miami Fort Lauderdale

We spent a lovely afternoon on the beach in Fort Lauderdale taking some relaxed photos for these family portraits.  These children were so alive and full of energy!  We ran and played with them up and down the beach.  I think they were a little wired from all the marshmallows they were eating.  I was jealous because I didn't get any.  :-(  Earlier in the day we had been to Miami and it is a different type of beach. All the Florida coastlaine is majestic and all the beaches are wonderful and beautiful, but each one is unique in it's color and atmosphere.  Taking beach family portraits is always one of the most relaxing shoots we have as portrait photographers in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  There is something in the salty air that makes one feel so tranquil and peaceful.  
Try to make it to our beaches soon. 
Have a great day, 
 - Curtis
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