Indian Wedding Photography - Caroline and Emmanuel

All weddings are beautiful.  Each one has a unique atmosphere.  Some are simply superb.  This belongs in the "breathtaking" category.  From the getting ready, the reception and the group photos, each one was a wonderful combination of colors, characters and cheerfulness. Sometimes, people stress out on their wedding day.  This was a day of peace and celebration.  Caroline and Emmanuel were married in Sanford, North Carolina.  A small, quaint town surrounded by tall, green trees and friendly people.  You may remember them from their engagement photography session.  We do enjoy destination weddings.  The opportunity to shoot in a different community, different cultures and the challenges of flying with thousands of dollars of gear.  It really creates a sense of excitement and adventure.  

About our lovely Bride and Groom, Caroline and Emmanuel, without a doubt, these two are madly, passionately head-over-heels in love with each other.  How can we know?  The way they talk about each other and the joyful mood of the families as they come from around the world to celebrate their nuptials. Emmanuel and Caroline both speak with warm words of encouragement, adoration and respect about each other.  Before they saw each other, they were both talking about how they want the other to enjoy the day and how excited they were to marry their spouse-to-be.  It can be hard to define the subtle nuances of someone's thoughts, but before the wedding when we mentioned how beautiful Caroline looks to Emmanuel, his face lit up with a huge, warm, genuine smile of joy.  He knows he is marrying his soul mate.  He knows she is his destiny.  Quite a humbling sight to see.  What a privilege to be this couple's  photographer.  

Thank you, for letting us share this genuinely special celebration and to see the hearts of two people so authentically in love. 

If you would like to see more of their pictures, register HERE. They will be available in a few days. 

 - Curtis and the Copeland Photography Team  



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