Emmanuel and Caroline Engagement Photography Vizcaya, Miami Florida - Pt 1

 Emmanuel and Caroline 
 Engagement Photography 
 Vizcaya Miami, Florida • 
Vizcaya is a magical place.  It is so green, alive and overflowing with beauty.  Such a perfect setting for our engagement photography in Miami with Emmanuel and Caroline.  Emmanuel actually proposed to Caroline that morning! He really did a fantastic job.  They live up North in 2 different states. He flew to visit her, surprised her with plane tickets to Miami and then the day after they arrived he proposed!  Quite a surprise.  Emmanuel called and asked us to capture the romance of the day.  We were delighted!  So, we met at Vizcaya in downtown Miami.  It was such a delicious backdrop for our engagement photography session.  These 2 lovers were so adorable.  As you can see, their love created a wonderful atmosphere to photograph.

This is part one of a two part series - Stay tuned for more!

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