Foster Care for Abused Children in South Florida

4 Kids Celebration of Hope

Recently, 4 Kids, a local child foster and adoption agency, held "Celebration of Hope" at the Signature Grand in Fort Lauderdale.  Here, awards were given for individuals who have made a significant influence in the lives of orphaned and abused children in South Florida. Many individuals shared their amazing stories of how they were touched by the mission of 4 Kids.  Some were foster parents.  Some were adopted as children.  Some were teenagers who were supported by 4 Kids programs and are now adults with a future. It was also a chance to encourage the community to do more.  4 Kids president, Doug Sauder, challenged us all to find ways to advance the cause of foster parenting and child adoption in our communities. To seek and find long-term solutions for kids in crisis. He reminded us that together we can truly end the suffering of little children caught in the unfortunate cycle of neglect and abandonment. To continue relentlessly until every child in South Florida has a home. 

If we don't do it - who will?

Here is more about 4 Kids:

4 Kids - Foster Care for Abused Children

Unfortunately, there are approximate 143 million orphans worldwide.  There are thousands of children each day across America who end up needing a safe place to live when their parents have become abusive, neglected or abandoned them.  Innocent suffering knows no age limitations - theses children range from newborn to teenagers. In South Florida, there are 3,600 kids in foster care.  Many of these orphans sadly believe they will never again know the joys of a healthy, loving family life. There is hope!  4 Kids of South Florida is seeking to solve these problems by connecting children caught in the Broward County Child Welfare system with compassionate shelter, protection and hope. There are multiple locations across South Florida where these helpless little ones find a nurturing and caring environment while they await more permanent solutions.  4 Kids has one of the premier processes in the nation to place these unfortunate souls into the hands of caring families and communities through foster care and adoption. 4 Kids orchestrates the training, curriculum, licensing  and support for foster parenting processes to ensure each child will receive the quality of care they deserve. 4 Kids also provides continuing eduction for foster care families for the long-term well being of the individual child. 4 Kids is committed to making a practical, positive difference in the lives of thousands of orphans and foster care children in South Florida.  

Here are event photos from the most recent 4 Kids event held at the Signature Grand.  These are affectionately know as “Cardboard Testimonies”.  They tell the stories of how 4 Kids has made an impact on their lives.  
To see how you can help, visit:

I was adopted - and so blessed to find a home with loving, wonderful parents. 
Be sure to thank you parents for raising you.  

Have a great day!

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