Emmanuel and Caroline - Engagement Photographers Vizcaya Miami Florida Pt 2

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Here is part two of Caroline and Emmanuel's fabulous engagement photography session at beautiful Vizcaya in Miami, Florida. The chemistry between these two lovebirds make these portrait pictures among the best engagement photos we have shot.  There is no way a portrait photographer could create that dramatic passion between subjects.  It has to be real.  Emmanuel and Caroline made our jobs as portrait photographers easy this day! Thanks for being such fantastic models!

Curtis and Monica
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Jeff Barker said...

Great work my friend. I LOVE the lighting in the first image. You killed it again.

Bernie Smith said...

Very nice!

Caroline and Emmanuel said...

Dear Curtis and Monica,

We got your wedding RSVP this week and we are so excited to spend more time with you both...but this time in North Carolina. After doing such a magnificent job with our engagement pics in Miami, we had to fly you guys up so you could be with us for our wedding to both capture our special day and to also relax with our families and friends. We can't wait to see you both soon. Also Carlos and Sadia will be there so it will be fun! Love,
Caroline ane Emmanuel