Maria Antonia's Children Portrait Photography - South Florida

These are the photographs and slide show from sweet little Maria Antonia's fabulous childrens photography session. This girl loves the camera - when she wants to! Our family portrait session was a real blast.  Boy, I sure wish I still had that much energy!  
to see more of her pictures click HERE!


Arcadia said...

Hy C.
You have a great blog!
Very nice pictures!
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By Arcadia

~SarahInParis~ said...

Just thought I'd pop in from Paris. Looks like a great little session. Maria Antonia is just gorgeous and so full of joy. You captured her really beautifully!

bartelski said...

This is very funny and awesome. Must have been a fun shoot.

Julie said...

OMG!!! SoOOOO adorable!!!!

David Cooper said...

A fantastic blog! You must be very busy with your photography and your blogging. Thanks for taking the time to share.

I especially like the black and white photograph. It is so crisp and clean. Working with children can be so rewarding.

David Cooper