Day 1 in Colombia - EATING!!!! Professional Photojournalism Photographer South Florida

Day one in Colombia - so what shall we do?!?!?!?! Eat! Of course! We road about 45 minutes out into the country to visit an excellent restaurant. There were wild chickens and goats running around (as is the case with all good South American cuisine!). The taste is remarkably rich. The food ripens on the branch here, so it has far more flavor than farms in the states where food finishes it's ripening process in-transit to the grocery store. The plantains (similar to bananas) are sweeter because they were picked off the tree that day. Truly fresh. The fish (see the picture) was wild tilapia. I had Lomo (a huge chunk of flank steak). Delicious!
Again - don't want to scare the in-laws with a huge camera and lot of pictures - so I kept the camera on the low down... Click HERE for some shots from the restaurant. Enjoy!

Cali is a city full of family and friends that warmed my heart. So much energy and busyness. We had a great time riding horses at "Academia De Equitacion El Rincon De La Z." Getting to run a real horse in a full gallop on the open countryside is always a thrill! And the shopping was great too. I now have a pair of genuine Colombian shoes! Maybe it will help me Salsa better... Also, my skills as a driver were improved by my time driving around the city. It is a good thing I went to Skip Barber's racing school several years ago to prepare me for such an experience. After all, the traffic signals are merely suggestions... A red light means "Pause" and Pare (Stop) means "Yield".

Being a professional photographer adds a different dimension to vacation pictures. On one hand, I want to relax and enjoy time with fiends and family, and yet I still desire to capture it all.

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j. shipley said...

you said my food made you hungry, what about this? haha. there are few things sweeter than good old latin american food. i tell ya, it is something else.