Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography

Mike and Sheree held their wedding celebration at Calvary Chapel church in Fort Lauderdale. It was a simple ceremony was only 100 of their closest friends (Ha ha ha). Mike is an avid cyclist Sheree  jokes that to allow Mike is masculine time to exercise she has to "support the spandex". weddings at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale are always a treat. They have a lovely garden area outside of their banquet hall that makes for luscious and green backgrounds. For quaint weddings it really allows for something unique, but still affordable and practical.  This is a digital pre-design of their wedding album.  Often, we will put together an album for couples just so they can get an idea of what their wedding album can look like. It places less pressure on the bride and groom to have to be graphic artists and choose their pictures in a creative way.   It also takes much less time for the bride and groom to think through what their wedding album can look like. If you would like to contact us for wetting her portrait photography simply click on the link below. Thanks for stopping by.


Lyli said...

What beautiful pictures! You really captured the spirit of the day.

mikie said...

Cutis and Monica;
even with the excitement of getting marrried and being in awe that God had won me such a Beutiful Bride, I couldnt help but notice the proffessional attitude and care for detail that Copeland Photography displayed. You were able to give us that personel touch without being part of the Wedding. Your knowlege for understanding what looks good on film was right on the mark. I had witnessed your work before at the Dunbar and Joseph weddings the previous summer, where you were able to put the same effort and result that we experienced. Thanks again for the awsome artwork and Pictures. We are Blessed to have these memories on film.

Curtis Copeland said...

Thanks Mike and Lyli! It was a truly beautiful celebration and a joy to witness.