Camilla's Newborn Baby Photography


Baby Camilla's 1st Week Portrait Session.
Hello friends and family!  Well today we finally get to share our wonderful blessing we have been waiting on for 9 months.  Here is beautiful baby Camilla.  She was born last week.  This little bundle of joy was 7 Lbs 14 ounces, 21 inches long and with a full head of hair. 

Here's the story, Monica's water broke around noon at the church.  She wasn't having any contractions whatsoever. We went to the hospital for a quick check to see how far Monica had dilated.  Everything was fine, so we went back home for a little rest before full labor kicked in.  

That night around 10 PM the real contractions began.  For 10 hours they continued to strengthen.  Monica and I were hoping for a natural birth, but Camilla wasn't coming out crown first, she was coming out face first.  Very rare and a little risky for natural births.  Our midwife has only seen 3 of these in 15 years.  Also, this was making contractions terribly painful for Monica (it is like having a 13 Lb baby!). So, we proceeded to go with the Doctor's counsel to have a "C" section.  All went smoothly. Mommy Monica and baby are doing well.  

Since we have been home Camilla has been a sweetheart.  She rarely cries.  Only if she is wet, dirty or hungry.  Monica is such a wonderful mother.  She is so loving and diligent with all the late night feedings (yes, I do get up to help and change diapers).  She inspires me with her amazing, gentle love for Camilla.  

Life is good here at the Copeland household.  It is the best Thanksgiving anyone could hope for.  We wish you and you family an abundance of blessings this Thanksgiving day.

 - Curtis, Monica and Camilla (Future Photographer's Assistant)


Lyli said...

She's precious. So happy for both of you. :):) :)

Debbie said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! We are very thankful Monica had a safe delivery and are very very excited for you both on the new addition to the Copeland family.

Caroline and Emmanuel