Parkland Photography Studio Family Portraits

This is a very special portrait session and a heart warming story.  Joe and Sandra recently adopted Justin.  Justin's mom struggled to care for him when he was a small child.  Eventually, Justin's grandmother took him in and raised him for the first few years of his life.  Joe and Sandra used to baby sit him  occasionally during this time.  Over the years it became a challenge for his grandmother to keep up with his energetic teenage  exuberance.  She released him into the custody of child care services.  However,  after hearing about Justin being in state custody, Sandra and Joe's love and compassion for Justin compelled them to seek and find him.  After much time and trouble they finally found him many miles away in northern Florida.  After a little bit of legal wrangling the courts granted Sandra and Joe to be Justin's parent's!  Don't you just love happy endings? This happy, new family partnered with 4 Kids of South Florida to help throughout the entire process. This outstanding agency specializes in foster care and orphan adoption to loving homes throughout the South Florida area.  Copeland Photography  proudly supports them in their efforts to make real differences in the lives of children in need in our community.

This was a family portrait photography session that really tells a wonderful story.
Justin Joe and Sandra, Thanks for sharing and caring!
 - Curtis


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