Lauren and Jorge - Wedding Photography Fort Lauderdale - Calvary Chapel Wedding Reception

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Lauren and Jorge make such an adorable couple. He's the strong silent type and she is a bright eyed, energetic and always smiling princess. They work together at the Calvary Chapel restaurant called the grill. However, they have been friends since George was 19 and she was 17. He really dropped the bomb to get things going. While she was dating someone else he called her and said he wanted to be more than just friends. Talk about bold! A REAL DTR! Jorge really did things with honor, integrity and chivalry. He spoke to Laurn's father before they got serious. They actually courted before they got married. Friends really encouraged them to be together. It's easy to see how well they are a fit for one another. She knew he was the one for her when he called and said they should be together. Lauren really respects how Jorge focuses on being a good leader at home and at work. George loves Lauren's compassion for other people. She's always thinking about others and praying for people she hasn't even met. When the earthquakes were hitting China this summer, she was praying for those in need after reading about them on Google News. She sincerely has a heart to help others.

Their favorite thing to do together is go to the beach, relax, and unwind. They both work hard in their jobs and they also work hard at playing. There are real fun-loving couple who smile constantly and always have a kind word to say.

Monica and I truly had a fantastic time at their wedding celebration.  Pastor Bernard King was officiating. He did a marvelous job of eloquently describing the power of marriage and true genuine, sacrificial love. The scenery in the sanctuary was sublime. The candles, flowers, the drapes hanging from the rafters, all added an air of romance and beauty. Fort Lauderdale wedding photography is so satisfying when you have days as special as these. Thank you Lauren and Jorge for letting us be a part of this truly terrific day. We love you. Click here to view their wedding photography.

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Awww, that is so sweet and special and dear!!! Thank you Curtis for making it available. Can I get a copy??