Why Choose Copeland Photography - Professional Photographers Miami Fort Lauderdale

Copeland photography is a fun-loving professional photography team which specializes in wedding, family portrait, maternity and Indian wedding photography.  

Here are the top 5 reasons you should select us for your photography needs:

1).   We are obsessive about service and quality.  Everyone else says it.  We mean it.  We have dozens of customer testimonials that rave about our work.  We use only the best wedding album and professional print lab companies. 
2).  We are artists that are also experienced career professionals.  Not weekend warriors or artists with no business skills.  We have 20+ years of business background to help serve you.  Our solid experience solves your problems and makes photography sheer fun for you.
3).  We are technology driven for your convenience.  Communication, payments, album designs and photos can all be collaborated on according to your schedule via email, Facebook or Skype ( curtiscopeland ).   
 4).  We are relationship driven.  We value a connection between us and you that translates into better photos as well as your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.  
5).  We are driven by our love for the photography industry.  Even if we didn't have to work, we would still be photographers.  The average annual salary for professional photographers is only $36K a year.  We are not in it for the money.  We crave to learn more about the art and the state of our industry.  We read hundreds of blogs on a regular basis to stay informed and educated on recent trends and technology.  We love the stories, the people, the art, the spontaneity, the emotions,  the competition.  All of these diverse facets fuel us to push ourselves and continually grow into better photographers, a better team and build a better community of like-minded individuals.  
6).   We value the privilege and honor the responsibility of capturing the most precious moments on life.  We often only get one chance to capture an image, or a moment, and if we don't capture those times, they are lost.
OK, so these are more than 5 reasons to choose us as your photographers, but we couldn't cut it any shorter!

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